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"This methodology is designed from the bottom up to create marked, lasting improvement in the execution of the project, and the function of the organization thereafter. Increasingly, the the most important infrastructure components of a hospital or any healthcare organization are the systems they use to organize and utilize information and patient data. These systems are the backbone of the service and care that is provided to the patients and are the lifeline of the physicians and clinicians that provide that care. InterOPERANTŠ uses this methodology to bring healthcare providers to the top of their field by taking the interface out of the way of top-tier medicine..."

Our Method

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Systems and Process Methodology

  1. Benchmark: Background Analysis and Assessment of client current state
  2. Discovery: Analysis and definition of the project and its goals
  3. Planning: Defining resources, timelines and priorities to achieve success
  4. Design: From integration and interoperability planning to workflow and gap analysis
  5. Implementation: phased and multistep-wise deployment
  6. Go Live: In-house and outsource experts are on-hand to ensure successful roll-out
  7. Optimization: We work with you to maximize your results, benefit realization analysis
  8. Sustaining Client Value: Monitor for continuous ROI - The 8th Summit ©

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