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Physician Technology Adoption and Clinical Informatics

  • Planning for the "Next Generation EMR" that combines Clinical Records, Clinical Research, and Translational Research Information
  • Physician adoption assessments prior to the implementation of CPOE and Clinical Documentation systems from large academic medical centers, and IDNís to Community Hospitals. Components focused on governance, change management, communications, workflow redesign, value management, training and clinical content development.
  • Patient Safety initiatives and CPOE readiness assessments at large tertiary, multi-hospital integrated delivery networks, academic medical centers, and standalone hospitals.
  • Development of Clinical Information Systems and CPOE strategic plans.
  • We manage applications development and direct the building and maintenance of leading edge technology solutions for diverse and complex clients.
  • Expert advice and sound judgment on the selection, implementation, maintenance and evaluation of information systems and integrated telecommunications systems, including application software, hardware and operating system software
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