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"Our founder, Don Lyons, began his career as an MT (ASCP) Medical Technologist, and Board Certified, Clinical Microbiologist - American Society of Clinical Pathologists. After Graduate school he developed, and pursued a keen interest in Healthcare Information Sciences, and Technology, and completed an MBA, Finance. Since then, he has worked in all sectors of the healthcare technology industry, providing senior leadership in advanced technology, and business solutions world-wide.

Prior to forming Stonewall Consulting LLC, Mr. Lyons has served key roles in many notable organizations. He was the Vice President of Operations at Emerging Health Information Technology, a spin-off, for-profit subsidiary of Montefiore Medical Center in New York. The President, and CEO of Life Biosystems AG, Basil, Switzerland, a private shareholder company founded while he was the Deputy CIO of MD Anderson Cancer Center at the University of Texas. At Life Biosystems, Mr. Lyons' international team of scientists, bio-informaticians, and businessmen developed applications integrating patient Molecular Data and Clinical Data for the pharmaceutical industry. His prior roles include Chief Technology Officer of a Wall Street healthcare investment firm (Equity Healthcare Partners LLC), Deputy CIO, The University of Texas, MD Anderson Cancer Center, CIO and Senior Administrator of the largest public hospital in Washington (Valley Medical Center), and Principal, and Founder of Insight Healthcare Partners in Washington.

The concept for InterOPERANT began in 1999 just prior to Y2K. Insight Healthcare Partners Ltd. was formed to build technical and economic collaborations between the Public Hospitals in Washington. These collaborations led to an assessment of building interoperable platforms that the hospitals could share such as laboratory, pharmacy, and radiology. From there, Stonewall Consulting LLC took the concept to the next level with leadership in hands-on integration projects across the United States, and on to Western Europe. Now, with the knowledge resources of both companies, Insight Healthcare Partners Ltd., and Stonewall Consulting LLC; a company was borne as the result of a merger of innovation, ideas, and a successful business process. InterOPERANT stands alone as a top team of individuals committed to solving complex problems related to efficiency of workflow, standardization, quality and safety of the healthcare delivery process - with leading edge technologies.

We at InterOPERANT invite partners and collaborations who share our vision. Our team has a passionate desire to invoke the best in leadership and technology to create a better healthcare model in America, and world-wide..."


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