Raise your team to the summit with InterOPERANT©.

"We begin with the end in mind and it becomes your organization's Summit - The 8th Summit©.
Gartner reports indicate more than two thirds of technology projects do not achieve their intended benefit. We believe most projects in healthcare IT are not measured for performance or benefit realization. Our team takes a serious approach to clinical transformation that includes managing and measuring the value benefit an organization receives; we help you sustain that benefit..."

Meet InterOPERANT©

InterOPERANT © is a high performance Advisory Team, and Healthcare Technology provider. We work with leading clinicians, and administrative leaders in insuring their clinical and business technology initiatives are met through best, and most efficient use of technology. The practice, core mission, is providing "best in class" technology leadership and direction for clinical and financial application infrastructure integration. We focus on strategies for better system interoperability to support, enhance, and optimize workflows, and quality of care. We use a proven methodology - The 8th Summit © - to take your organization to itís pinnacle in performance.

We are simply more efficient. Interoperant uses smart meeting technology to facilitate communication, save travel expense and reduce carbon footprint
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